Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Supreme Court basically ruled today that a state legislature can redistrict anytime it wants so, basically, the Delay gambit in Texas is okay. It also said Hispanics were denied some rights and some changes need to be made in Delay's redistricting to correct for the inherent “bias” (none dared call it racism).

Anyhow, instead of crying in our beer about the overall pro-l decision, the Democrats should do two things:

1. Loudly and clearly broadcast that the Texas Republican Party discriminated against Hispanics and that they can be expected to do more of same if they succeed in the ’06 and ’08 elections -- in all states across the nation.

2. All states with Democratic legislatures should begin redistricting to box out Republicans, increase the voting power of their constituents, and take back as much power as possible from the piglet party.

The Supreme Court said this is fair play, so let's play to win. I bet California could be an interesting place to start.

Don't cry -- get busy.

~ Gregg

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