Friday, May 26, 2006


Top Ten Things to Know About His Real Agenda

Republican candidate for governor in Michigan
Dick DeVos won't tell the truth about his record,
here it is.

  1. DeVos has financial and personal ties to Tom DeLay and the Republican culture of corruption.
  2. DeVos paid over $4 million for a $300 million corporate tax break.
  3. DeVos secretly backs a dishonest campaign to repeal the estate tax.
  4. DeVos believes in cutting jobs.
  5. DeVos gets richer while Michigan workers suffer. DeVos supports "free trade" agreements like NAFTA.
  6. DeVos thinks large corporations shouldn't have to pay their fair share of Michigan's tax burden.
  7. DeVos dishonestly fought Michigan’s minimum wage increase.
  8. DeVos despises Michigan's public schools. This is no exaggeration.
  9. DeVos supports the failed Republican ideology of tax cuts for the rich and deregulation.
  10. DeVos hides the truth about his wealth. So far DeVos is refusing to release his income tax returns.
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