Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MI Gov. Granholm Announces Comprehensive Plan to Reduce
Mercury, Protect Families from Dangerous Health Impacts

April 17, 2006

Plan Would Reduce Emissions from Electric Utilities by 90 Percent

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced a proposal to reduce mercury emissions from Michigan power plants by 90 percent by 2015. The plan is designed to protect the health of Michigan’s families and the environment from the harmful effects of mercury emissions. [...]

Under the new rule, Michigan power plants will have to reduce mercury emissions by 90 percent by 2015 based on a system-wide approach. The first phase would use the reduction in emissions authorized under the federal Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR). The second phase would go beyond the CAMR reductions to get to 90 percent.

In a letter to Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Steven E. Chester, the Governor also noted that the governors of Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Georgia have all recently announced their intentions to reduce mercury emissions by 90 percent

The plan will be implemented by Director Chester, whose agency will draft a rule under Michigan’s Clean Air Act to achieve the emission reduction goals set forth by the Governor. In her letter, Granholm directed that the rule should not allow interstate trading, but that it could include a utility system-wide approach as long as it would not result in “hot spot” mercury emissions that would place Michigan residents at risk. [...]

“Our waters play a critical role in our economy, and in our success as a state,” said Director Chester. “This new rule will protect our citizens, and improve our quality of life by making our waters safe to fish, swim, and boat in.”

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