Sunday, April 16, 2006

Crooks and Liars has the interview of Gen.Trainor, co-author of "Cobra II," with Keith Olbermann. Keith aired the 6 Generals, I wrote about them here.

Gen. Trainor does not state he will fall into the category with the other Generals regarding calling for the step down of Rumsfeld, he states that the President makes that decision and is stuck with him for better or worse.

General Trainor said that the President does not recognize this perhaps, but up until now the battle has been between the Generals and Rumsfeld. However, since Bush stated during his Easter Vacation that he is standing behind the Rumsfeld he has put himself in the target zone.

Just watch it, it is good.

Think Progress has the VIDEO: Myers Claims Shinseki Was Merely ‘Pulling A Number Out’ Of Thin Air

This morning, former Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers attempted to defend Rumsfeld from recent criticisms from U.S. generals that we needed more post-war troops in Iraq.

Alicia at Comments from Left Field has a great picture titled "Used Wars."

Al Rogers at Daily Kos provided the General pix at the top of this post.

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