Monday, April 17, 2006

Invading Iraq sure has done wonders
for the price of oil……

Appearing on Faux News over the weekend, Steve Forbes has decided:

There is real uncertainty, huge producer. But the bottom line with Iran is, when we have the confrontation, which we will have, we can really deal with that crisis. Then the price of oil will come down. The longer we let it fester, the higher the price of oil will stay.

I just don't know what to say. I think I will leave it to the Dark Wraith to explain why sending the Soldiers into Iran will be good for our economy. I thought that Iran was a "terrorist regime". Oh silly me. Now I see that we are going to invade Iran, to lower the price of oil. But didn't Iran's foreign minister say on Friday his country would not use oil as an economic weapon.

Via Digby: Are We There Yet? is entirely believable to me that he could have ordered regime change in Iran more than a year ago. And it is almost certain that he could have authorized a new clandestine service in the DOD that is unanswerable to congress. The administration's understanding of presidential power during "wartime" allows him to do anything he deems necessary to "protect" the country.

Agitprop has a great picture and post.

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