Monday, January 23, 2006

Get me a ticket for an airplane ...
gets me a credit check, and more:

USA Today:
TSA: Program may use fliers' financial data

The TSA said it will require "in-depth security background checks" that may involve "using commercial data" for people applying to the Registered Traveler program that starts in June. The checks will help verify people's identities to prove they have no ties to terrorism

Commercial databases hold personal information from credit reports, property records, shopping histories and other records.

Seattle Times:
On Friday, the TSA said the Registered Traveler program it envisions would let frequent fliers go through airport security lines more quickly if they pay a fee, pass a government background check and submit 10 fingerprints. The program is expected to be rolled out gradually beginning June 20.

But the TSA also would like companies to offer more in-depth background checks. As an example, the agency said the companies could use commercial data, such as credit histories and property records, authorized by customers.

"As currently envisaged by some proponents, the program would appear to serve more as a revenue-generating scheme than a security program that would benefit passengers," James May, the trade group's president, said in the letter.

The Star:
U.S. airline passengers who buy a preapproved security pass could have their credit histories and property records examined as part of the United States government's plan to turn over its "Registered Traveler" program to private companies.


Before the companies are allowed to sell Registered Traveler cards, they have to demonstrate that they can somehow figure out whether applicants are members of terrorist sleeper cells by plowing through bank records, insurance data and other personal information available commercially — or by some other method.

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