Monday, November 21, 2005

I posted this over at the DNC site but I would like to share it here as well(and with caps!).

This article from Reuters is about environmentalists trying to block a train load of nuclear waste that was created in Germany, sent to France to be "stored" and then sent back to Germany by France which has some sort of rule saying that nuclear waste should be dealt with by the country of origin. The protesters were angry about where the Germans were gonna store the stuff and how. One of the small problems with nuclear power is that it creates waste products that we have to leave in dubious storage containers for the folks who inhabit the planet for the next thousand or hundred thousand years to deal with. Think about how every time they open a world's fair time capsule after its been buried for 50 years because everyone is too hyper to actually wait until Planet of the Apes time arrives, it is usually filled with water and frogs...

Anyhow at the end of the piece they point out as a sort of aside that one protester who chained himself to the train tracks or something was killed. This brave nameless warrior should be our hero for the day.

today's hero

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