Saturday, November 19, 2005

Has it hit anyone as more than a coincidence that gas prices started dropping just about the time that the Oil Company executives were subpeonaed by Congress to come in and testify? Granted, it wasn't as dramatic as a few years ago when the tobacco CEO's had to come in and take their oath, and granted, the temporary spike caused by the hurricanes came down almost as fast as it went up, but I have trouble believing that the sudden scrutiny didn't have something to do with the turnaround.

Well, you know-- if you turn on the light then the cockroaches all scurry away looking for cover.

Of course, gas prices were around $1.10 per gallon when George W. Bush was inaugurated, so even at the present price, they have gone way up during his term (well, did you really expect that two oil guys were going to want low gasoline prices?)

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