Monday, October 10, 2005

More on Delphi

*Sticking it to the U.S. economy
Delphi's troubles have deep roots

*Sticking it to the workers
Here’s a look at its key US manufacturing sites-

Delphi has 185,000 employees worldwide:
167 manufacturing sites,
41 joint ventures,
53 customer centers and sales offices,
and 33 technical centers in 38 countries...
*Sticking it to the retirees
Retirees could be big losers if fed board
takes over pensions-
*Sticking it to the union
UAW's future: Givebacks or else-
Delphi starts clock ticking on rich wage,
benefit packages across U.S. auto industry.
*Sticking it to the stockholders
Delphi's shareholders likely to lose their investment-
The best taxpayers can do is take a loss, since stock
value is most often wiped out in court

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