Saturday, October 08, 2005

It has been said that the hardest thing in the world is to try and maintain a web of deceit, because then you have to make more lies to hold up the old lies, then spin more lies to hold up the new lies, then tell more lies to patch up the contradictions starting to spring up between lies that aren't exactly the same, etc.

So it seems with the Bush administration.

To wit, Karl Rove lied when he claimed he never leaked about Valerie Plame. He also said that after testifying voluntarily before the grand jury once, he would be willing to return. So, apparently that was a lie since today we hear that he was summoned. Peter Fitzgerald would not have needed to issue a court summons if Rove was a man of his word.

How to divert from Rove and his testimony? GOT IT! A terror threat. So, yesterday we learned of a terror threat on New York subways. Also a benefit to Mayor Bloomberg, who was expected to cruise to an easy re-election just a couple of months ago, and is now getting a tougher than expected challenge for his job from Freddie Ferrer. So Bloomberg gets to look tough and make people forget that he arrested Cindy Sheehan.

Oh, oh. Like the London bombings, that contradicts the Bush lie that as long as we are fighting in Iraq, somehow Osama and other terrorists not in Iraq won't fight us over here. What to do?
Of course, claim that the threat is coming from IRAQ!!. That's IT! Of course, Osama is not in Iraq, and just looking at a globe, it is highly unlikely that any part of an operation in the U.S. would be carried out via Iraq. And just hope that no one remembers that Saddam never was conducting these kinds of operations in America.

Well, then say it is not Osama and arrest a few Iraqis instead. Then, when questions are raised about whether the release of this memo is timed to coinicide with the President' speech, claim the information was from, 'not a credible source.'

Well, if it wasn't credible, why show it at all? And isn't it because of 'noncredible information' that today, we spent another fifty billion in Iraq.

And, wasn't the war in Iraq based on lies? Lies that were clearly pointed out at the time. By Ambassador Joseph Wilson, among others.

Which brings us back to Karl Rove denying a leak.

Don't pick up a lie, young people. It's addictive, and before long, you will be lying when you wake up, after meals, or socially, or just to get rip-roaring fibbing. Gradually, you will become so addicted that you can't quit. If that happens, you may even have a job in the Bush administration.

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