Friday, October 14, 2005


It has been one heck of a week, and I missed the Friday morning dance party with Bu$hCo but Donkey O.D. made me feel better by telling me that the World Can't Wait for me.

Then I found out that the Son King has been hankerin’ for the good ol’ days, when he could stage photo ops riding a bike, or clearing brush instead of interviewing with ol' Lauer while banging the hammer.

Holy Mandrake, it is time to change the charlatans that make up the Republican party, because their Scandals and Numbers are deep and wide. Some have sinned but can still indulge in guilty pleasure like eating sushi for lunch!

Sim embargo, I did learn a new word this week and that culture influences politics and politics influences culture. And in my own state, can you imagine another billionaire white guy is trying to buy an office.

I think we can all agree that Bush is Annoying and Scary when he says..."So long as I am president, we will never back down in Iraq."

But that NEW BLOG en Freude GUY really made my day with his Comment regarding "The City."

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