Thursday, October 13, 2005

The outrage of the week
GOP stands up for U.S. right to torture
On one of those television gong shows that passes for journalism, the panelists used to have to pick an Outrage of the Week. Then, each performer would wax indignant about his or her choice for 60 seconds or so. If someone asked me to name the Outrage of the Week about now, I'd have a coronary. How could anyone possibly choose? [more]

Naked and helpless
Workers watch as pensions disappear

The entire political world is agog: Tom DeLay indicted, Scooter Libby in danger, Karl Rove rumors abound, Miers' nomination in doo-doo. So I'm writing about ... pensions. They're just so sexy, I couldn't resist. [more]

My dear friend, Peter, has said it before, but one of the (many) sad things about the Bush presidency is the fact that no-one’s funny any more. Molly Ivins sailed through the Clinton administration with her humor intact. She even survived Bush’s Texan years. But now—what’s left to laugh at? Molly did however, find something sexy.

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