Friday, September 23, 2005

Indoctrination in our schools.

This morning I happened to be at my Son's school to take him his tennis shoes. He's 7, and forgot he had P.E. today. (Remember when kids had P.E. everyday?) Two gentlemen entered the school lobby, dressed in short-sleeved shirts and neckties(always a tip-off) and carrying cases of Gideon Bibles. I casually asked one of them if the bibles were for the kids, and he replied, "oh yes, we give them out in 5th grade class every year." I had no idea...Well, apparently, this has been the practice for 30 or more years, and when I telephoned the Principal and asked her about it, she informed me that when she took over the school 5 years ago, it was allowed, and she just continued to allow it. I tried to point out that as our County grows, people who adhere to other religious beliefs may indeed be offended by this, and she basically said that until she was instructed to stop, she would allow it to continue. Naturally, I called the County School offices, and they promised to get "right back to me." I started digging a little, and, to my astonishment, the ACLU has already fought this battle a number of times, and has been sucessful in stopping the practice each time: Missouri and Indiana
I contacted them, and a nice lawyer returned my call and said there was ample cause for them to get involved, though if they were initially unsuccessful, I would have to be named plaintiff in a suit they would bring in my behalf. I'll follow this story up as I'm sure there will be developments soon....

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