Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cantor Caves To Limbaugh

Cantor Caves: Republicans Will Be ‘Listening’ To Rush Limbaugh, Not The American Public

Amanda Terkel:

Last week, Republicans kicked off their National Council for a New America, an attempt to revive the image of the GOP. One of the leading participants, former governor Jeb Bush, said that it was time for Republicans to “listen first, to learn a little bit, to upgrade our message a little bit.” Similarly, on Sunday, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) told CNN that Republicans should be “listening to the people” [...]

Listening to all this talk about listening, Rush Limbaugh became incensed. He said that instead of taking cues from the American public, Republicans should fan out and spread their dogma through a “teaching tour.” This morning on MSNBC, Cantor backtracked and said that he agreed with Limbaugh:
SCARBOROUGH: So, let’s start with Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be mocking the idea of a listening tour. What do you say to Rush?

CANTOR: You know, Joe, really, this — this is not a listening tour. You know, think about what we saw a couple weeks ago on the TEA parties.
Cantor added that the National Council was actually an opportunity “to go out across this country to talk about our conservative principles and to appeal to as many elements in our society as we can.”

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