Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Linky Day 4.29.09

Should we be happy that Specter is now a Democrat? The question has two answers.

Today, we're not celebrating Specter. But, if we look at his move solely through a political prism, this decision is seismic. And, it's just so fun to watch Republicans squirm.

The political optics just couldn't be better. The DC pundits and talking heads love Arlen Specter (kinda the way they love Lieberman.) That crowd believes the hype that Specter is a moderate -- and compared to the rest of the GOP, Specter is definitely more moderate. So, we'll hear endless chatter about how the GOP has become a shrinking party. That means the talking heads will finally get something right.

Divided Republicans grapple with Arlen Specter's defection

Specter: "Now I Can Say It: What a Bunch of F*cking A**holes!"

Republican leaders "shocked" over Specter switch

Specter Round-Up: From The Diaries

Get ready for the GOP to go all out on Franken

Specter Promises Obama To ‘Support Your Agenda,’ Hours Later Restates Opposition To OLC Pick

Lugar Will Support Dawn Johnsen Nomination

"We Don't Torture" and other Laughable Claims

In George W. Bush's own words, we should investigate and prosecute all acts of torture

Bush Flashback: “War Crimes Will Be Prosecuted… It Will Be No Defense To Say, ‘I Was Just Following Orders’”

Tell Congress To Open Impeachment Inquiry Into Jay Bybee

Bybee defends his torture memos as ‘legally correct’ and ‘a good-faith analysis of the law.’

DOJ’s Hinnen: ‘A Lawless Response To Terrorism’ Undermines Our Nat’l Security

Conyers And Nadler To Holder: We Need Special Torture Prosecutor

Court Rejects Obama Admin's State Secrets Claim

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects State Secrets Overreach

Washington Post Uses Front Page To Fearmonger Against Obama’s Tax Policy

CPR Releases New Fearmongering Health Care Ad Comparing American Reform To Britain And Canada

Republicans Falsely Complain That Democrats Aren’t Consulting Them On Health Care

Reid To McConnell On Health Care: ‘This Issue Is Too Important To Be Manipulated For Political Purposes’

McConnell's Response: It's Not Our Fault

Sanchez baffled by GOP spin: "What the hell?"

GOP party chair Michael Steele just accused Democrats of pushing "socialism"

Michael Steele's 100-day litany of failure - an unmitigated disaster for his party.

GOP: Even more of a rump regional southern party

Senate Confirms Health Secretary Nominee

Kathleen Sebelius Confirmed

Arctic CO2 levels growing at an 'unprecedented rate', say scientists

New York City-sized ice collapses off Antarctica

The Earth Is a Ponzi Scheme on the Verge of Collapse

Kos here.
My five-year-old son and I were out for a drive yesterday doing errands, when he noticed trees swaying strongly in gusty wind. He pointed at one and said, "The trees are dancing!" I laughed quietly, and said, "No, it's the wind blowing them around."

He pondered that for a second or two, then said, "So the wind is like music to the trees, right?"

I'm still pondering that.

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