Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"Broken" Fact Checking

John McCain claims Washington is "broken" and that he is "the one" who can "fix" it?

[ 1:14 ]
• McCain hasn't been to his job in the senate since April.
Big tobacco:

• McCain has taken in nearly $100,000 in tobacco industry contributions.

• McCain senior campaign aide Charlie Black was a lobbyist for Philip Morris before joining the campaign.

• McCain voted with the tobacco lobby against higher cigarette taxes to fund children's health insurance.

Drug companies:

• McCain took donation from Billy Tauzin, president/CEO and top lobbyist of Big Pharma.

• Despite his tough talk... McCain has raised much cash from pharmaceuticals.


• McCain wrote "improper letters to FCC on behalf of campaign donors.

• McCain violated law by breaking federal spending limits.

• McCain took low-cost trips on corporate jets, despite sponsoring legislation to crack down on the practice.

Wall Street:

• McCain stands for deregulation of insurance markets.

• Former McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm was lobbyist for banking industry on subprime loans.

Big Oil:
•McCain gave oil executives what they needed to get... solidly in his corner.

• McCain has taken over 1.3 million in campaign contributions.

• McCain opposes taxing windfall profits of oil companies.
What the Hell?! He helped break it!

[ 1:42 ]


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