Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get Thee To A Nuttery

Friday: “I think it’s a pretty good timetable”

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Sunday: “I didn’t use the word timetable”

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McCain Denies He Used The Word 'Timetable'

Think Progress:

Later in the interview, McCain claimed he was right in his pre-war prediction that America would be “greeted as liberators.”

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Thrown off by the converging political consensus around a timetable for withdrawal, McCain can’t seem to figure out what his position on Iraq is. First, he denied that the Iraqis wanted the U.S. to leave on a timetable, then he said that Maliki had floated “a pretty good timetable.” Defending his shifts today, he claimed, “Anything sounds good to me.”

Obama, U.S. troops, and two bogus smears

Carpetbagger Report:

There are two competing, conservative, anti-Obama smears going on at the same time regarding Barack Obama, his trip last week overseas, and U.S. troops. Both are completely wrong.

The first is the basis of the McCain campaign’s new television ad, which argues that Obama blew off wounded troops to go to the gym, because the Pentagon “wouldn’t allow him to bring cameras.” This is, as we discussed this morning, a blatant and disgusting lie.

The second is an email that’s making the rounds in far-right circles, ostensibly written by a National Guardsman stationed in Afghanistan.

- - - - -

All of this has been added to the Obama campaign’s “Fight the Smears” site.

When the email arrives in your inbox from your crazed, right-wing family member, feel free to set the record straight. It may not do any good, but it’s probably good to have the information on hand anyway.

About that gym visit cited in McCain's new ad:

Obama was shooting hoops in KUWAIT! Sheesh!

Kuwait: Obama Hoops w/ Troops [ 1:05 ]

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