Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Rant About The MSM

Too much of the corporate mainstream media shirks in its responsibility to report current events back to the people and adversely restricts the flow of information to the public. Generating more revenue and bigger profits is the bottom financial line, and the only ones to benefit are the stockholders, sponsors and advertisers and other corporate interests of the MSM. The corporate media is only interested in its own financial standing. Rather than fulfilling its ethical responsibility to inform and enlighten, it prefers to use bias to distract us from the basic and fundamental issues affecting our society, our country and our world.

The MSM fails the American public in their role as guardians of truth, justice and the American way. They fail to demand responsibility and accountability from journalists, politicians and our government. The only accountability they have is to themselves and their Mammon financial bottom line.

The war on poverty doesn't sell, outsourcing our jobs doesn't sell, the list of foreign policy screw-ups doesn't sell, the countless list of lies doesn't sell, the burdens and hardships placed on our troops doesn't sell, shredding of our rights under the Constitution doesn't sell, the failing economy doesn't sell, the nation's foreign debt doesn't sell, and the erosion of our democracy doesn't sell. That might hurt their bottom line.

The illegal invasion and occupation in the guise of "spreading democracy" does sell. And BS infotainment and fluff pieces sell. They are aiders and abettors in the dumbing-down of America.

War sells, sex sells, gossip sells. Got a headache? Take this pill. Got a romance problem? We're here to "pump" you up. Depressed? See your doctor and ask for this... even though your insurance may not cover it.

"Corporate media whores" isn't even a good enough phrase to describe most of the shills who pretend to bring "news" to us. By and large, they are failures in their duty to relay to the American people the necessary information on issues that need attention.

They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Main-Stream Media: The Parrot sNEWS Network

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