Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrate Freedom

This year, I'm offering two YouTube fireworks videos. I prefer the first one with the fireworks over the water because it reminds me of the many times we went by boat and anchored in the river, as close as we could get to the barges, to see the fireworks shows during the International Freedom Festival.

Finale 1, Thunder on the River '08 [1:01]:

The second video is a longer version, and is from a little more upriver and across from the display.

Finale 2, Thunder Fest [3:00]:

On the Fourth of July we celebrate our freedom from British rule, the birth of our country, and the adoption of our Constitution which guarantees the natural law of our rights and freedoms.

Remember in November those who would seek to limit your rights. Keep pressure on Congress to uphold and defend our Constitution. Fight for your rights.

And have a safe and happy Holiday.

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