Thursday, July 17, 2008

More McSame Old BS

Just like McCain claimed to have had the support of “literally every veterans organization in America”, at the NAACP convention he claimed that every campaign survey questionnaire is filled out.

Uh huh.


It's fascinating that John McCain lies not only about the big things ... but he has an uncanny ability to fib even about the most mundane of items -- like filing out campaign questionnaires:

John McCain at the NAACP convention today assured a questioner that he will indeed fill out the group's civil rights survey, a comment that prompted a smattering of applause.

"I'll look forward to filling it out," McCain said. "We fill out literally every survey, so I'll be more than happy to do that."

...Except, as Hotline points out, the Project Vote Smart Survey:

Every survey? Well ... not quite. Rewind to April 10, 2008, when Mother Jones reported that McCain was booted from the Project Vote Smart board for not completing the organization's Political Courage Test.

And as a commenter at Hotline points out, he also didn't fill out the AFL-CIO survey. He also did not respond to the Midwest Democracy Network questionnaire. Or the Human Rights Campaign questionnaire. Or the Oregon Fair Trade questionnaire. Or the American Association of People with Disabilities questionnaire...

You get the idea.

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