Thursday, May 08, 2008

Out Of Touch Express

John McCain’s Top 10 Out-of-Touch Moments

Jon Perr, C and L


After all, John McCain isn’t merely fabulously well off, courtesy of his wife Cindy’s $100 million beer distribution fortune. At almost every turn, the Republican presidential nominee has shown almost a total ignorance of – or yawning disinterest in – the real lives of American voters. From the growing financial hardships of the economic slowdown and the foreclosure crisis to the disintegrating American health care system and the dangers U.S. troops face on the streets on Baghdad, it is John McCain who is truly “out of touch.” Yet voters and pundits alike agree that the supposed maverick is treated with kid gloves by the press, an elitist masquerading as a man of the people.

Here, then, are John McCain’s Top 10 “Out-of-Touch” Moments:

  1. Economic downturn is “psychological.”

  2. “Great progress economically” during the Bush years.

  3. eBay is the answer for poverty and recession.

  4. “Tear down” New Orleans?

  5. Irresponsible, undeserving homeowners

  6. Work a second job, skip a vacation.

  7. “Protect the privacy” of Cindy McCain’s tax returns.

  8. Opposed to SCHIP expansion, McCain speaks at children’s hospital.

  9. Baghdad safer than some American neighborhoods.

10. “I’m not running on the Bush presidency.”

… McCain might want to check his campaign’s position papers. After all, in his eternal quest for the Republican nomination, McCain has adopted virtually the entire Bush agenda, often reversing long held positions and compromising supposed core principles. From Iraq, tax cuts for the wealthy, broken promises on the deficit to opposition to SCHIP, tax credits for health care, overturning Roe v. Wade and a right-wing Supreme Court, John McCain represents a third Bush term. It’s no wonder Mr. Straight Talk said in February:

“I would be proud to have President Bush campaign with me and support me in any way that he feels is appropriate. And I would appreciate it.”


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