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McMore Of McSame Old McSame

McSame: John McCain Offers a Third Term of Bush

Progressive Media USA Research, McCain Source:

Fact Check Highlights

Bush Endorsed McCain For 2008

* Bush Said McCain Was Best to "Carry Forth His Agenda."

* President Bush: McCain Is "Not Going To Change When It Comes To Taking On The Enemy."

* McCain Said He Calls Bush Every Day To Remind Bush of His "Extreme Loyalty."

* Bush Said He Will Do Whatever It Takes For McCain To Win.

* Bush Said He "Looks Forward To Vigorously Campaigning" For McCain.

* McCain Is a "Foot Soldier Following Bush."

* Cheney Set To Headline Closed-Door Fundraiser For McCain's Victory Fund.

* McCain's Campaign Hired Bush-Cheney 2004 Communications Director.

McCain Supported Bush 100 Percent in 2008, 95 Percent in 2007

According to Congressional Quarterly, McCain supported President Bush a majority of the time--supporting Bush as much as 100 percent in 2008 and 95 percent in 2007. According to CQ, "CQ tries to determine what the president personally, as distinct from other administration officials, does and does not want in the way of legislative action. This is done by analyzing his messages to Congress, news conference remarks and other public statements and documents."

(CQ’s Presidential Support studies try to determine how often a legislator votes in line with the President’s position:

So, these studies only track votes when the President has an explicit, stated opinion on a bill.)

McCain/Bush Friendship Based on Issues

McCain Said Relationship With Bush Based On Shared Views On The Agenda.

Republicans Agree: McSame As Bush

* McCain's National Security Adviser Said McCain Would Continue Bush's Policies In Iraq.

* Lindsey Graham Couldn't Describe How McCain's Worldview Differed From Bush's.

* Chuck Hagel Refused To Endorse McCain Because He Represents a Continuation of Bush's Iraq Policies.

* President Bush: McCain Is "Not Going To Change When It Comes To Taking On The Enemy."

McSame On Economic Plan

* Like Bush, McCain's Economic Plan Is Centered On Tax Cuts.

* McCain Said The Bush Tax Cuts "Have To Be Made Permanent."

* McCain Proposed Corporate Tax Rate Cut.

* McCain Proposed A Freeze Of Discretionary Spending.

* McCain Advocated Free Trade, Criticized "Hid[ing] Behind Walls."

McSame On Health Care

* McCain's Plan "Would Seek To Lure Workers Away From Their Company Health Plans."

* McCain's "Move Away From Employer-Based Coverage" Resembles Bush's Failed Plan.

* McCain's Plan Would Force Patients To "Buy Health Insurance On Their Own."

* McCain Voted Against Providing Insurance For Millions Of Uninsured Children.

* McCain Supports Excluding Seniors From Prescription Drug Coverage.

McSame On Privatizing Social Security

* McCain Supports Privatization.

* McCain Was A "Big Booster" Of Bush's Social Security Privatization Plan.

* McCain Said, "Private Savings Accounts Work."

* McCain Defended Bush Plan, Said "Personal Savings Accounts Are Workable And Have Worked In Other Countries."

McSame On Eliminating The Right To Choose And Promising to Appoint Extreme Judges

* "Roe v. Wade Is A Flawed Decision That Must Be Overturned."

* McCain Promised to Appoint "Clones" Of Bush Nominees Alito And Roberts.

McSame On Siding With Big Oil

* McCain's Plan Gives Tax Breaks To Big Oil.

McSame On Education

* No Child Left Behind Is A "Major Milestone" And "An Accountability Act."

* McCain Repeatedly Voted Against Fully Funding No Child Left Behind.


McSame refuses to respect, support and honor our troops:

C&L and many other sites fight everyday for the rights of our troops, their health care, benefits and the conditions of Walter Reed. And the best way I know how to fight for them is to never send them to war without a true cause and bring them home now so their families can see them alive and healthy. You are against Sen Webb’s GI Bill not because it doesn’t give them adequate compensation for their service, but as you say, it will lead to many more troops leaving the armed forces sooner...

Is that an honorable argument?

"And yet there are still those in the media that call McSame a Maverick. That horse was put out to pasture long ago. Oh, and since we know how much the aging Senator loves him some lobbyists", let's also mention McCain's ongoing lobbyist problems, and add more about the Great Company He Keeps, from the Can't Make This Stuff Up department.

Breaking news on Tuesday’s Countdown, as Keith Olbermann reveals that former Senator Phil Gramm, a general co-chair of Senator John McCain’s campaign, actually lobbied Congress on behalf of financial giant UBS to try and stop legislation aimed at installing industry regulations that could have prevented the current mortgage foreclosure crisis.

* * * * *

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain’s national campaign general co-chair was being paid by a Swiss bank to lobby Congress about the U.S. mortgage crisis at the same time he was advising McCain about his economic policy, federal records show."

* * * * *

"So while Gramm was advising McCain to let people lose their homes rather than get more favorable terms on their loans, he was active as a lobbyist for UBS, which had a LOT to gain.

* * * * *

" add more to the growing UBS/John McCain story, MarketPlace reports this morning that the bank that caters to the very wealthy has warned some of its employees not to travel to the U.S., for fear that they might be arrested.

A couple of weeks back, a UBS banker was indicted on tax evasion charges, after it was alleged that he helped an American real estate developer to avoid taxes. Apparently, this was no rogue employee."

More on McSame's Lobbyist problems...

Chris in Paris:
McCain's lobbyist problems continue - will Phil Gramm now resign?

Christy Hardin Smith:
McCain’s Cronies: Phil Gramm (R-Enron) And His UBS Lobbying Problem

This sounds like a whole lot of Big Trouble. America sure doesn't need McMore of McSame old McFailures.

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