Monday, November 05, 2007

In Desparation? Call Nana!

Times are tough all around, but I wanted to share the most priceless story with you.

My youngest brother was blessed with 4 boys. They range in age from 3 to 9 years.

The third one is named Will. Will is 6 years old. This past Saturday he was having such a hard time, his brothers were bothering him. So Will decided he was going to call his Nana on the phone. Here is the conversation:

Will: Hi Nana, can I come live with you?

Nana: Will, won't you miss your family?

Will: No! My brothers are bothering me Nana, how much will it cost to live with you?

Nana: (laughing to herself) $100.00

Will: My brother has $100.00 (speaking to his father, while still on the phone) Dad, Nana said it will cost $100.00.

Dad: The banks are closed on Saturday, Will.

Will: Nana, my dad said the banks are closed on Saturday. But we could go to the bank on Monday. Nana? Can I play a radio when I come live with you?

Nana: Do you have a radio to bring?

Will: No, could I borrow one from you?

Nana: Of course.

Will (speaking to his father) Dad, are you sure the banks are closed today, because Nana said I could play the radio when I live with her.

Dad: Yep, the banks are closed today.
Will did not call today to say that the banks were open. Nana was relieved!!

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