Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rantin' Roarin' Righteous Rev

Loving the Seattle PI this morning. Here are a couple of tidbits:

The GOP's disgruntled right

By Dan Thomasson

Ah, yes, the folks whom MSM euphemistically term "values voters" (in English: "wedge-issue voters") are having strokes because their attacks on the Constitution will be coming to a close and none too soon for the survival of our nation.

Let's de-euphemize these "values" voters and call them what they really are: wedge-issue voters.

They're singularly unpatriotic: rather than a sense of civic pride and citizens' duty bringing them to the polls, it's the joy of taking something away from someone else that does it. A voter with values would value the Constitution and all the rights accorded by it. The wedge-issue voters have amply demonstrated their willingness to take razor-knives to our founding document, so long as it favors their narrow agenda and dehumanizes their fellow citizens. That is tantamount to treason at the worst; subversiveness at the very best.

They're mentally and morally lazy: it's easier to come forth in droves like ants after honey when they, in equal mindlessness with the ants, simply follow what some rich crook tells them to do. Let some K-Street sleazeball, or sleazeball-connected big-box preachah, raise their banners in the name of weird, mostly insane notions of "morality", out the wedge-issue voters pour. That thinking stuff's just way too hard for them and they'd rather just bleat along with the other stupid sheep.

Rather than just fading back into the nutcase woodwork they came out from, perhaps their disdain for the Constitution and their fellow human beings would be better served in a nation that's made just the way they like it, with religion in schools, spies and "moralistic" judges with eyes and ears in the bedrooms and a totalitarian, strongman sort of government they so crave for the rest of us.

It's called Iran. I say, let's pass the hat and help them get to their Beulahland, and good f'ing riddance to lazy, unpatriotic, hypocritical rubbish.

Next tidbit.

Reigning ayatollahs of the right soon to be powerless

By Frank Rich

Oh happy day!!!! and Jesus save us from the deceivers who claim to be Your followers. There isn't a republic in office who isn't a liar, crook, thief and deceiver. The 80% of us who are still loyal Americans want our country back, thankyouverymuch.

Hey, America, had about enough of the nutjobs running the show, ruining the economy and slashing your rights? Had enough of endless, planless, directionless war that exists only for the benefit of Cheneyburton profiteers? Had enough lies and hypocrisy?

The solution: run every Republic out of office and tar their robot followers with the destruction they've wrought. No more "nice": pin their crap on them and let them wear it home like a scarlet letter "S" for stupid.

~ Red Letter Rev


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