Saturday, November 11, 2006

Need Something to Complain About?

If we simply must find something to be upset about, then I suggest extending some venom to those Dems who hoarded campaign contributions left unspent for for future races, should they live so long. For you-know-who's sake, several of these dems were unopposed. Yet they would not help their fellow dems who desperately needed help. I refer for one (1) to Marty Meehan, a congressman from my home state. I made several very pointed calls to his offices- he sat on $4.8 m. He should have shared 1/3, according to MoveOn. My support for Rep. Meehan is most unlikley in his hoped-for run to replace a stepping down John Kerry.

Politics is the definitive present value proposition. If you don't help a candidate in his moment of need, don't bother calling later.

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