Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not so Sweet Sue Anymore

What did Sue Kelly know about Republican Rep. Mark Foley? While top House Republicans knew about Rep. Foley's predilections for young boys, and news is breaking that these sexual stalkings apparently go back as far as 10 years, Sue Kelly has a case of amnesia as to the dates she was on the Page Board.

44 subpoenaes were issued by the House Ethics Committee, but how many were sent to Democrats? Sadly enough we won't be able to answer that question until the House returns after November 7th. I would be surprised to see if any Democrats were subpoenaed, because this is a Republican Party scandal.

Did Sue Kelly received a subpoena? She seems to be very quiet lately and in this case "Silence is Golden" does not apply.

This is solely a Republican Party scandal, with Republican covering up for another Republican, thus endangering children in the process.

Paging Sue Kelly! Paging Sue Kelly! Your District wants to hear before Election Day what you knew about this Republican Scandal and cover up of Foley. Time to come clean Sue.

Update: The LA Times has more on Foleygate.

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