Saturday, October 07, 2006

Foley Fallout

From the John Hall Website:

Various news reports are now questioning Rep. Sue Kelly’s time as chairperson of the board overseeing the Congressional page program in the context of Rep. Mark Foley’s sexually explicit email and instant messaging to minors in the program.

Discrepancies are circulating as to the actual time frame of when Rep. Kelly served as chair of the Page Board. By her own account, she “couldn’t remember” how long she served (as reported in the Journal News, “Page scandal reaches U.S. Rep. Sue Kelly,” Oct. 5). Reports from her congressional staff claim she was at the helm from 1999-2001. Meanwhile, a spokeswoman from the Committee on House Administration was reported as saying that Kelly was chair from 1998 to 2000.

Regardless of when Rep. Kelly served as the Page Board head, it has now been discovered that Rep. Foley’s span of misbehavior and misdeeds overlap with her oversight responsibilities as Chair. In fact, a University of Oklahoma law school student who worked as a page from 2000 to 2001 said in a recent newspaper article “It was like a running joke, to look out for Foley.”

On October 3, Rep. Kelly called for an FBI probe to find out all the sordid details regarding Foley’s actions and to determine whether or not any criminal acts took place.

Kelly’s request deserves one important refinement, however—that she agrees to answer questions, too. [more]
Think Progress has a post of the actual events that took place regarding the resignation of Foley and the announcement of ABC.

ABC is gaining a tad more respect from me as they are not allowing the Conservatives to push them around, nor are they accepting the lies. Truly it is about time.

Digby suggests:
Maybe we could save some time here if all the members of the GOP who knew that a congressman was preying on teenage boys and covered it up just took responsibility for their massive error in judgment and resigned. I have little doubt that would mean the Democrats would have a majority before the first vote was counted --- but maybe it would be better for them to take the high road after rolling around in the gutter like this.
Ouch, but that is Digby, always speaking the truth. He also has another post up titled "I Know You Are But What Am I." It is well worth reading.

AMERICAblog has suggestions regarding dear old Denny.

Finally, Down With Tyranny has the Friday Night Foley Wrap-up.

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