Monday, April 10, 2006

Ollanta Humala Leads in Peruvian Elections

I think that my husband would be rather unhappy if I did not post on the Peruvian National Elections. We have been watching them since last evening. Mikeypaw at Daily Kos put up a post regarding these elections.

As of the noon today, El Comercio is reporting that with 67% of the vote counted:

Ollanta Humala 28.70%
Lourdes Flores 25.78%
Alan Garcia 25.07%

Humala is with UPP (Left Wing)
Flores is with the UN (Right Wing)
Garcia is with APRA (Centrist)

I remember when I was living in Peru, Alan Garcia was the President. My husband introduced me to what the people were calling him. "El Caballo Loco" translated it means "Crazy Horse." Those were very termbulate times in Peru. El Sendero Luminoso was very strong and it was impossible to cross over the Andes by land through Ayacucho.

I remember going with my husband to vote and was taken back with him walking out with his purple finger. It is mandatory that all vote, otherwise one will be fined. Although the law states this, there is exception to those over the age of 70 years. Elections are always held on Sunday, allowing the people to get to the voting place where they are registered.

A second round will have to be held because it appears that none of the candidates have won with 50% of the vote + 1. The two candidate with the highest percentage will then go on to a Second Election. The winner will be the one with the highest percentage.

While some are comparing Humala to a Stalin like person, I believe that is incorrect. He is left wing and quite Progressive, more towards Militarism.

At any rate, it looks like the final count will not be available for approximately 20 days and there will be a need for a second round which will be held Sunday, May 28.

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