Friday, April 21, 2006

My Favorite Chuckism:
1/26/06 - Chuck said:

Lessee ...

"I know Jack Abramoff, Enron, Halliburton contracts in Iraq now top $10 BILLION, Downing Street Memo, PDB of June 6, 2001, 9-11, Iraq, bin Laden, Afghanistan and the drug trade control, Iran, Libby, Plame-Gate, unwarranted surveillance of U.S. citizens, deficit, Social Security, John Roberts, Sam Alito, Harriet Miers, Katrina, gasoline prices, energy prices, education, homeless, job losses, outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, DEPLETED URANIUM AND PLUTONIUM 238, Russia/China pact against U.S. aggression, Syria/Iran pact against U.S. aggression, QUAGMIRE, North Korea escalation, worldwide protests against the U.S., David Safavian, nationwide protests against my administration, OPERATION T.I.P.S., Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Alberto Gonzales, defending Dick Cheney saying "F*ck yourself" on the Senate floor, criminal cabal, $59 BILLION MISSING FROM THE H.U.D. PROGRAM, signing off on all Congressional bills with a footnote stating "subject to MY interpretation", Michael "BROWNIE" Brown, gagging Sibel Edmonds, other "Whistleblower" mysterious deaths, OATH OF ALLEGIANCE, hand-picked audiences, choreographed interviews, scripted photo-ops, McCarthyism, Timothy Flanigan, A DIVIDED COUNTRY, religious fanaticism, free speech suppression, POLICE STATE - Martial Law, fear-mongering, war-mongering, Bob Ney, "PATRIOT" ACT, "intelligent" design, false terror alerts, ELECTION THEFTS, RUMSFELD and torture, cronyism, statements I've made about dictatorship, Medicare and Medicaid DEEP cuts, creeping fascism developing into blatant aggressive fascism, al-Qaeda / terrorism creation, "goddamn piece of paper", living in a bubble, inhuman atrocities, STAGED TELECONFERENCE WITH SOLDIERS, indifference to death / destruction / suffering, AWOL and my falsified military records, personal cowardice, HOMELAND SECURITY, claiming illegal agricultural exemption on my taxes, PRETZELS, SEGWAYS, BIKES, “I couldn't think of a single mistake I've ever made,” hiding in Crawford and exorbitant vacation times, fake Texan / fake cowboy, Flu Pandemic "preparations", SAILBOAT FUEL for Iraqi desert, avoiding Cindy Sheehan ("that bitch"), Bob Taft, PATHOLOGICAL LYING, not attending soldier funerals, cutting troops' pay and veterans' benefits, $8 TRILLION DEBT INCREASING BY $2 BILLION PER DAY, Wolfowitz and the World Bank, GM/FORD/CHRYSLER financially "tubing", DRUNK ON POWER, "off the wagon", Duke Cunningham, dysfunctional family, George Ryan, continual and increasing propaganda- CATAPULTING IT, BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR MY FAILURES, asking the president of Brazil if they have a lot of black people in their country, Noe Coin Scandal - "COINGATE", $9 BILLION MISSING IN IRAQ WAR FUNDS ... ??????

“, I don't know anything about any of that stuff or any of those people!

"Besides, I'm the Commander-In-Chief and I DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANY OF YOU PEOPLE! (personal note! NO MORE UNSCRIPTED TOWN HALL MEETINGS!!!) And, I gotta pee.”

{{Chuck}}, I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful and like-minded Kicking Ass people who are united in wanting what is best for our people, our country and our planet. I have learned so much from your hard work to point out all the wrongs. You were another one who also encouraged me to step out from being just a shy lurker, and with that extra push from Lizzy and Jenny, I finally took that step and went from being "Jenny's lurker friend" and became a blogger. (Now look at what you all have started!)

Chuck, you truly are a most amazing person. I admire all you have done and your steadfast dedication. I respect your opinions, and your voice. I most certainly understand that burnt-out feeling. I will miss your site. You are a treasured friend of ours.

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