Wednesday, April 05, 2006

24 Wis. communities vote for Iraq pullout

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That's pretty good stuff. Communities are voting for an Iraq pullout now! I wasn't alive for the Vietnam War protests and anti-war movement, which makes me curious, did this happen during that war? Is the latest generation of anti-war protestors gaining momentum?

DeLay Blames 'Politics of Personal Destruction'

I blame corruption and lies, but then again I am on the sidelines watching. Maybe it was 'Politics of Personal Destruction', who am I to judge a dishonest, money-laundering, illegal shifter of the Texas voting precints who got the Dept. of Homeland Security involved to try and find some wayward Texas lawmakers in Oklahoma, lying, bribing piece of shit. The party of "personal responsibility" once again ducking "personal responsibility" by blaming 'Politics of Personal Destruction.' Oh, if only being a corrupt, law-breaking politician and getting caught was 'Politics of Personal Destruction.' Mr. DeLay, wake up, you dipstick. It's not politics that destroyed you! It's the choices YOU made. The Democratic Party had nothing to do with the fact that you're a complete ass, inconsiderate of the law. It was "personal destruction" as you destroyed yourself, you idiot. Now quit whining, don't break the law anymore and take personal accountability for your actions. By the way, I didn't see Christ in your mugshot, I saw a smug, arrogant ass hole, who figured he'd slide by.

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