Thursday, March 30, 2006


We have conjured up a Magical Birthday Cake, a Heartfelt Poetical Tribute, a special Birthday Song and Pupcakes "to go" as our gifts to Jen, who has grace, compassion and wisdom well beyond her years. Jen's ability to put herself in the place of the repressed and less fortunate is readily apparent to anyone reading her blogs. Jen is a great, caring friend, a champion of the underdog and one "Kickin' Ass" DJ, with a turntable of music you just wouldn't believe! So, on this 30th of March, 2006, we wish our Jen much love and happiness and we bow our heads and pray for the rapid impeachment of Pretzelnut Bush.

Please help yourself to a piece of cake, take a moment to read the Poem written and dedicated to her by Mr. Dors, have a listen to her very expensively commissioned Birthday Song and, most importantly, feel free to leave your Birthday wishes.

And, this wouldn't be a proper Birthday for Jen without some mention of her love of animals. So, we have left out some Pupcakes for you to take home to share with your friends and family. Feel free to take as many as you wish, as they are self-replenishing.

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