Tuesday, March 28, 2006

God's Word

The Minnesota Democratic Party is called the Democratic Farmer Labor Party or DFL up here in the great white north. Tonight, the DFL Resolutions Committee met at my place to prepare the resolutions ballot for our upcoming senate district convention this Saturday.

Just as we all settled in around the dining room table for work, two Evangelical Christians knocked on the door.

"We're spreading God's Word." one of them said, "Do you all have time to listen?"

There's a push in Minnesota to get GOP leaning voters to the polls in November - er I mean to defend truth, justice, marriage and the American way with an anti-gay amendment - so we've had some strangers in the neighborhood lately.

The 20 somethings were clean cut and well dressed and both looked like God had stamped them out of the primordial clay with the same cookie cutter (no - all Evangelical Christians do not look alike me so don't give me a hard time).

"Does it welcome Gays?" I asked.

They had trouble with that question and asked me "Does it what?"

"Does the message you're spreading welcome Gays?" I asked again.

"No it does not." one of them said.

"Well, then I doubt very much that it's God Word." I said. "So, No - I don't have the time."

Then I smiled, wished them a great evening and closed the door.

And the members of DFL Resolutions Committee who were looking on cheered.

Resolution 3.3 "The DFL opposes any amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution that prohibits or limits marriage, civil unions, and/or legal protections for same-sex couples." will likely pass this Saturday, up here in God's country, with 503 YES votes and 0 NO votes.

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