Sunday, March 05, 2006

Special Poll:
The Doctrine of Assured Nuclear Strike

This is yet another in the continuing series of online polls conducted by the Polling Center of The Dark Wraith Forums. This one is a simple, Agree/Disagree poll, but it carries a whallop, and it opens the gates for what might be a productive discussion necessary for the post-neo-conservative era. Given the inattention and amateurish approach to international relations that have been the hallmarks of the Bush Presidency, many problems have arisen that cannot be returned to a state where old solutions might ever again be viable.

In regard to weapons of mass destruction in general, the Bush Administration actively wrecked the on-going work of a critical component of our intelligence network and did so for no reason other than spiteful revenge against the spouse of a non-official cover operative.

In regard to nuclear weapons proliferation specifically, the reality of the situation is such: what was a small club of nuclear nations might very well become considerably larger over the next ten years and may come to include nations with more than rhetorical willingness to use nuclear weapons to resolve long-standing disputes with neighboring countries. To the extent that it will now be difficult if not impossible to entirely stop the proliferation, this poll proposes a new doctrine and asks respondents to assign it their favor or disfavor.

Readers should understand that this poll is not designed to advocate a position; it is, instead, offered to register opinions and open an honest discussion about how to engage a world that will have been permanently degraded by the years in which the most powerful nation on Earth was under the stewardship of those entirely incapable of bearing such responsibility.

The Doctrine of Assured Nuclear Strike
The United States will do everything within its power to prevent nuclear proliferation. Any country that nevertheless develops, builds, and/or stockpiles nuclear weapons shall be subject to the following Doctrine: Should a country use a nuclear weapon in any conflict whatsoever, that country will immediately be subjected to a nuclear strike of sufficient destructive force to render it no longer effectively sovereign. Any nation that provides technology or materials to a nation or other entity that uses a nuclear device will be subject to the full consequence of this Doctrine as if the nation of origin of technology or materials had itself used the device.

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The Doctrine of Assured Nuclear Strike

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