Friday, March 03, 2006

Up Hill Climb

I so rarely write about my personal life, and I am certainly not going to make this a regular thing but today was just not another ordinary day but rather a special day for several reasons. First of all, the trek into San Francisco every morning has come to an end. I have taken my beautiful mother for her last radiation treatment, or as we refer to them "her cooking sessions."

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and listening to Progressive Talk Radio and the daily political joke sent in by listeners was a pleasure. So I will miss tuning into "The Quake" with Will & Willie. I know my mother will miss that drive up Divisadero, admiring the beautiful $10 million dollar homes. We picked out our favorites of course. To help the ride pass by quickly for my daughter, she brought along her DVD player, however when she packed it to come out here she had only brought one DVD. So the Bea knows just about every line from "Elizabethtown."

After dropping my mother off at UCSF each morning, we made a daily run to Martha & Bros. Coffee Company to get a Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate and Cafe Latte. This way when my mom was done she would have a nice tea for the ride home. It did not take the kind people who worked there long to know what I was going to order.

However, today we changed our routine and took my mom to Martha's after the treatment in order for her to meet a pretty special blogger, who recently moved to San Francisco. You know that saying "A smile is worth a thousand words"? Robert's smile was just that. We sat down to have our beverages and cakes and luckily enough, there was internet service so my daughter would not be bored out of her skin and we talked. We talked about life, religion, politics and families.

So thank you Robert for making our Friday such a special day. We loved meeting you and my mother has been telling her friends how she met an amazing man, who has overcome so much. Today reminded me of the lyrics "If you're going to San Francisco...You're gonna meet some gentle people there."

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