Friday, February 24, 2006

An Atrios thread begins with some good news...

Democrats in Congress are outpolling President Bush on national security. By a margin of 43 to 41 percent, Americans say they trust Congressional Democrats more than Bush when it comes to protecting our national security. And by a margin of 64-17 percent, they oppose the sale of the ports to Dubai.
It is always a pleasure to read the comments there...I would like to share a comment with you and then the excellent comebacks.
Chris Matthews just said that Bush looks like "the wise man, almost like Atticus Finch."
In case you don't remember Atticus Finch was this guy.

And here are some of the comments regarding Tweety's statement:

  • I just exploded in my head a little.
  • It was especially jarring since his guests had just been talking about what a fuck up chimpy is.
  • First he was Reagan, then he was a Pilot, then he was Lincoln and now he's Atticus Finch.And next...MANIMAL!
  • jeebus. i've got wolf on and by comparison, he seems like a reasonable journalist.
  • Does Tweety mean Bush looks like Gregory Peck? 'Cause I don't see the resemblance.
  • Gregory Peckory
  • More like Gregory Peck in "The Boys From Brazil."
  • I think Harper Lee needs to be handed an umbrella so she can beat Matthews upside the haid for that one.
  • tweety's out of his fucking mind. a week ago he was comparing idiot son to fredo.
  • It doesn't sound so bad if you know that Tweety claimed Bush exudes a sunny nobility.

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