Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What began as joy and relief, that the 12 trapped miners were found alive, then turned tragic for the family members.
Great joy turned suddenly to deep sorrow Wednesday morning when stunned family members were told that 12 of the 13 miners trapped 13,000 feet into a mountainside since early Monday were dead rather than alive, as they, and the world, had been told hours earlier. [more at WaPo]
The first announcement, of a "miracle," was the result of a "miscommunication," a company official said.
For unexplained reasons, it took several hours to tell the families that the good news was all a big mistake, a huge mistake.
Our prayers and condolences are with the family and friends of Sago and Tallmansville today. These family members and friends experienced a joy that was swept away with hours upon hearing the tragic news that their loved ones had not survived. All because of lack of communication.

The worst thing about getting your heart broken is going to sleep and
knowing you're going to wake up and nothing has changed.

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