Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Looks like the Iraqi election results will be delayed for up to two more weeks to continue fraud investigations.

The commission investigated 1,980 complaints, including 50 that were considered serious enough to alter results in some districts, an election official said.

A swing of up to fifty seats in parliament. Sounds pretty serious to me.

Even assuming that the investigations are conducted honestly and without foreign interference (a big if), the big 'successful' Iraqi election is nothing like a success. If the results stand as they were projected, Iraq will become an Iranian style Islamic republic. Women will have less rights than they did under Saddam. There will be no reason at all for the Sunnis to end their insurgency. If the election results at this point overturn that (and remember the projections are based on exit polling), then look for a great deal of trouble in the south.

Maybe, the reason they are really delaying the result is so they can get enough troops into whatever part of the country they project will have the most rioting when they do announce them.

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