Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Enters Now the Dark Wraith

I have been invited to blog here on occasion, and I have gladly accepted. Allow me to introduce myself to those of you unfamiliar with my work.

I am the Dark Wraith, host, publisher, and author of The Dark Wraith Forums. I am a professor, writer, and consultant; economist, financial analyst, mathematician, and grammarian. Some of you will be uncomfortable with my style: it can be technical, cold, and calculating; alternately, it can be grim, sardonic, and flip. What appears to be arrogance really is, and what seems to be self-doubt honestly is, as well.

I shall post an article here tomorrow. If you want to know my politics, read the open letter I wrote to Bill O'Reilly. If you are further interested in my presentation styles and world views, read "Fire and Seeds" for shades of dark and light in the occasion of a vignette of life; read "I Am Become Battle, How White Be My Tears" to see cold narrative on a landscape unburdened by hope.

When I publish an article here, say what you have to say about it should you be so inclined and particularly moved. My patience is tried sorely only by the facile ignorance of those who find anything of worth in the neo-conservatives and their allied extremists. Those of this kind—and those whose weakness has allowed them their reign—merit no quarter of civility: their glory stops at the wreckage they have brought to this Republic and its people. The world of tomorrow has been degraded irreparably by the unworthy intrusion of their spiteful Medievalism, and accommodation of them is to no end but further appeasement.

To all others, I shall not bite... unless, that is, I'm particularly hungry.

The Dark Wraith has spoken.

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