Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ever notice how so much of the problems the GOP has today, sooner or later tie back to the Reagan era, leaving no stones untouched?

Margaret Thatcher tied to Abramoff scandal.

The US Justice Department is seeking to question Baroness Thatcher as part of a high-level inquiry into allegations of a "flights-for-favours" corruption scandal at Congress.

Officials have asked the Metropolitan Police to question the former Tory Prime Minister over a meeting she held with leading Republican Tom DeLay in the UK in 2000.

The request, revealed in a leaked Home Office document, forms part of a probe into allegations that congressmen received free foreign holidays from lobby groups in return for influencing legislation.

A spokesman for Lady Thatcher today confirmed that police had contacted her office in order to "clarify" details of a meeting with Mr DeLay in Britain in May 2000

Does this surprise me? Not at all. Reagan was, at least blissfully unaware of all the lies he was telling-- they propped, prepped and plied him well. But Thatcher, her mind was as keen as a knife-- she knew darn well which way was up. And her mind, to all accounts, is still pretty sharp. So does it surprise me that the woman who was so reactionary that she tried to institute a head tax in England, would find a kindred spirit in Tom DeLay? And more than a kindred spirit, if the report bears out:

The leaked document says that the US probe centres on the activities of Jack Abramoff, a film producer and high-profile lobbyist who has raised thousands of dollars for the Republicans.

It says: "US officials are investigating whether Abramoff was involved in obtaining legislative assistance from public officials in exchange for arranging and underwriting trips to the UK.

"One visit to the UK involved a meeting with Mrs Margaret Thatcher, and her evidence is sought about that meeting and her involvement in the alleged deception and violation of US criminal laws."

It added: "It is alleged that Abramoff arranged for his clients to pay for the trips to the UK on the basis that Congressman DeLay would support favourable legislation if they paid for the trip".

Wonder if Ollie North really regrets not being elected to the Senate a few years ago, look at all the fun he's missing out on now.

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