Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Six unions join together to battle Delphi wage cuts:

"We are outraged by Delphi's attempt to use the bankruptcy process to dictate the radical destruction of the living standards of America's industrial workers," the coalition said. The group is enraged by a plan to reward about 500 managers with bonuses totaling $87.9 million once the company emerges from bankruptcy.

- - -

"Delphi's contract proposals to our unions, together with CEO Steve Miller's public statements, clearly reveal senior management's contempt and disdain for the hardworking people who have played a vital role in making Delphi the world's leading automotive parts manufacturer," the unions said.

...Delphi also wants the right to sell, close or consolidate any plant and eliminate a jobs bank that gives full pay and benefits to around 4,000 laid-off workers. It also wants to freeze its pension plan and make workers pay more for their health care.

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