Thursday, October 27, 2005

This picture sums up how I feel, in two ways. One, I put myself in "time-out" for not posting what I have to say....and two, I feel like a dunce about this job I'm on. I bid on a job to demolish this small house here in Nashville. I underbid because I saw an awful lot of good, usable oak lumber in the ceiling and floor joists, and the decking around it was seasoned poplar in 1x4 dimensions, 12 ft lengths. So far, so good. This place was built long ago, (before power tools) and therein lies the rub. If you have ever tried to drive a nail through seasoned 2x6 rough-cut oak, you probably still have some residual pain. I was hospitalized briefly two weeks ago, for massive spasms and I struggle with pain constantly anyway in both shoulders. Anyway, I get the job, and, owning no heavy equipment (bulldozer) I had to do this job with a sledge, crowbar, portable generator and reciprocating saw... I swear what I am about to say is true. Three days into it, I had culled the best lumber to take back to my farm, and then hooked chains around the corner posts and pulled them free with my big-ass one ton dually. One post, two post, then, three posts gone. No walls, no framing except for ONE wall, and still the roof did not collapse. That defies gravity. So, I waited, nothin. What do I do? Why, of course, I hop up on the decking and stare at this wonder, scratching my head at the heavy, oh very heavy and HUGE oak rafters and joists poised above me. For some reason, I hopped back down to get something, and CRASH! the roof just plopped down perfectly straight, never broke a board. Had I been under it, some of you might be throwing back a tequila shot in my memory...I went home, changed my underwear, and got obscenely drunk.

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