Saturday, October 22, 2005

Daniel is a 'stop lossed' soldier serving for his second time in Iraq. Though forbidden to express himself freely, he has created a site to remind himself that he is more than just another of the king's horses. He has a blog called All the King's Horses.

Daniel also had an article published at Operation Truth on the page titled "Veterans of the Week."

Sadly enough, Daniel is no longer posting on his blog and if you read his latest entry you will see why. Daniel was NOT KILLED in Iraq...but he was silenced.

This information was brought to my attention by Fred at Making Conservatives Cringe Since 1977

UPDATE: Matt at The Tattered Coat has a good article Another Military Blogger Silenced.
Broken Windows posted All Shut Down.
Navyswan penned Silencing the Truth.
Hummingbird's Fairytopia has a post on the blog there titled Silencing the Truth.

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