Thursday, September 29, 2005


Abundantly clear was the fact that people went to Washington DC and other cities for many different reasons. However, the message was one that "Our Government Has Taken the Low Road" on so many important policies and issues.

THE DAY BEGAN with a message.

People are realizing this Noble Cause, is hurting our country and our people.

MEETING "PRETTY BOY" JESUS JUMPER is found in Fred 's post.... the guy was telling us we were all going to hell for what we were doing. Fred, I listened to him for a bit, and just could not resist getting in his face with my fingers raised for Peace.

As usual, this person and this person have some great pictures and perspectives of their day.

I SPENT THE DAY WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, and as we started home...I was asked what I thought of the day. My response was " there is so much work to be done."

Seems there was also another chap who felt the same way.

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