Thursday, September 01, 2005

The leadership of the present administration…

has failed us in our greatest time of need.

has made New Orleans a casualty of the Iraqi war – one of our oldest and most beautiful cities, a famous city, a historic city.

has said Hurricane Katrina is a "temporary disruption." has sent our National Guard and helicopters on a fool's mission in Iraq

has slashed the funding for the Corps of Engineers' projects to strengthen and raise the New Orleans levees and diverted the money to the Iraq war.

Where is the leadership? But I'd also like to know: Where is the compassion? Where is the foresight? Where is the intelligence? Where is the common sense?

We've heard from Scott McClellan, from Michael Chertoff, but are we hearing anything from George Bush (hiding under the bed with a bottle?) or Dick Cheney (in an undisclosed location?). Condolezza is busy accessorizing her wardrobe so she'll look good when she goes to N'Orleans. Where is the leadership?

We have snake oil salesmen running the country and they are running it into the ground. Meanwhile, there is an elevated terror alert and, if you saw Seymour Hersh on "The Daily Show", you know why.

The Coat has a Summary of Useful Resources on the Katrina Aftermath

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