Friday, September 30, 2005

Follow-up on Indoctrination in our schools:

Today was "Doughnuts with Dad" day at my daughter's school. I had the obligatory sugary foods, visited with my daughter and her friends, and headed out the door to my car. On my way out, a woman that works the school's front desk asked if I had a minute to talk. I am related to her by marriage, so I feel she felt comfortable enough talking to me about my decision to notify the ACLU about the Bible giveaway at the school. She asked me what problem I had with it, and I patiently explained that public schools should not be in the business of endorsing one religion over another, or indeed endorsing religion at all. She was unable to grasp the fact that by allowing the Gideon International folks to do this opens the door for every other faith to do the same. She said it would never happen there, and I tried to explain that wasn't the point....She was polite, if not friendly, so I went out of my way to explain recent rulings in Indiana and Missouri, my personal feelings, etc. It seems the school and the District received a letter from the ACLU regarding my complaint, and the District admonished the principal for allowing it. I'm pretty sure it went on with a sort of tacit approval of the District, but once a complaint was filed, they knew the proverbial jig was up. This may be the end of it, it was uncomfortable for me to do this, since we live in this small town, and I risked my kids being ostracized...but it seemed important enough to stand up and be heard. I think I did the right thing....

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