Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Failures Want To Finish The Fail

Senator Orrin Hatch admits that the GOP incompetence failed this country for years, and they damn near destroyed this country in the process. His solution to all the problems we now face because of that incompetence is to (are you kidding me?) let them finish the job!

Orrin Hatch: New GOP Majority the Solution to Republican Failures

From 2001 through 2008, what Thomas Frank deemed the Republican "wrecking crew" essentially demolished U.S. prosperity and the American dream. For the eight years George W. Bush presided in the White House and the six that the GOP controlled Congress, Republican stewardship produced endless budget deficits, a massive tax windfall for wealthy Americans, an unnecessary war in Iraq, sharp increases in poverty and those without health insurance and, of course, the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression. But as Utah Senator Orrin Hatch announced Monday, the solution to the problem of Republican mismanagement is to return the GOP to the majority.

Appearing on the Fox Business channel, Senator Hatch assured host Alexis Glick that the prescription for the malignant cancers caused by the GOP was to introduce more Republican carcinogens into the American body politic...
Oh, and tax cuts.
Of course, Hatch's comical call for a new Republican majority comes just one month after he warned about a future with Congress in Democratic hands. As he made clear, the GOP is worried not that Obama's health care initiatives might fail, but that they might succeed.
Yeah, doing something good that could actually be to the benefit of the people is such a terrible thing, in Batsh*t Crazy GNOP world.

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