Monday, July 13, 2009

Offensive Pseudo Pundit Strikes Again

Buchanan: Todd Palin should drown Levi Johnston.

Nate Carlile, Think Progress:

Earlier today, conservative pundit Pat Buchanan suggested that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s husband should murder his daughter’s ex-fiance, Levi Johnston, for saying Palin’s decision to resign came down to “money.” While appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Buchanan said:
BUCHANAN: “Well, first, with regard to Levi, I think First Dude up there in Alaska, Todd Palin, ought to take Levi down to the creek and hold his head underwater until the thrashing stops.“


Whenever that repeatedly offensive backwards nutcase shows up on any MSNBC program, I have to turn it off. I can NOT listen to his pompous and bigoted inanity without cussing at the TV.

His advocating of personal harm is beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. What's it going to take for MSNBC to finally come to their senses and get this sanctimonious Neanderthal madman off their programs, for good?

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