Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ten Ways To Happy

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10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy

Daily habits can affect our well-being. Here are 10 simple actions that research has shown makes people feel good.

Jen Angel, YES! Magazine:
The emerging field of positive psychology is bursting with new findings that suggest your actions can have a significant effect on your happiness and satisfaction with life. Here are 10 scientifically proven strategies for getting happy.

  1. Savor Everyday Moments

  2. Avoid Comparisons

  3. Put Money Low on the List

  4. Have Meaningful Goals

  5. Take Initiative at Work

  6. Make Friends, Treasure Family

  7. Smile Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

  8. Say Thank You Like You Mean It

  9. Get Out and Exercise

  10. Give It Away, Give It Away Now!
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