Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Moose euthanized

Adult female and two calves had wandered into Ishpeming.
Monday, October 06, 2008 at 1:18 p.m.

ISHPEMING -- Ishpeming Police late Monday announced that they had to euthanize an adult female moose who had wandered into Ishpeming with two calves.

Police say they euthanized the mother because it was endangering the public. The Department of Natural Resources supported the decision.

The whereabouts of the two calves is unknown, according to authorities.

The three moose were first spotted on the east side of Ishpeming Monday morning, and at one point, US 41 was closed down.

Authorities cautiously kept the trio on the move to help them avoid being hit by passing cars.

Watch the video of the moose wandering through town by clicking on the video camera icon.

TV6's Marqui Mapp is currently working on a follow-up to this story. Check back soon to see more community reaction and an official response.


What the hell? Way to go Ishpeming Police Dept! Way to take out those menacing moose. Imagine all the foilage they could've eaten?!?! (A bit of irritating sarcasm) Oh, and euthanize is a terrible word to use... the moose was shot, not euthanized.


Police: Public to blame for moose death

DNR biologist says the calves will likely not survive.Tuesday, October 07, 2008 at 12:34 p.m.

ISHPEMING -- The public is to blame for the death of a cow moose in Ishpeming. That's what Iishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne is saying.

It all started around 8:30 Monday morning, when the moose was spotted around 600 Vine Street in the City of Ishpeming.

TV6 video that was taken around about an hour to an hour and a half later.

Bjorne says the public's interference, in their efforts to see the moose and get pictures, prevented the police and DNR biologists from getting the cow moose and her two calves to a safe area.

He says, after more five hours of being herded around and trying to avoid people, the cow was overly stressed.

Bjorne says tranquilizing the animal would have caused more stress, and ended up with the animal's death.

The decision to put down the mother moose was made after it was coming at officers on the Heritage Trail by the old Brownstone.

The moose calves have left the area and a DNR biologist says they will likely not survive without their mother.


So now it's the public's fault for your department's lack of crowd control, Jim? I hope those that voted for you in the Sheriff primary regret that vote.

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