Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Poor" Old Out-Of-Touch John

It was a really bad day to be John McCain


My oh my, how quickly things can change.

From the handwringing of yesterday to the buttkicking of today. It started with the news that he couldn't keep track of how many homes he owns:


The Obama campaign put out a smashmouth ad:

[ 0:30 ]
And then Barack Obama hit him on it in person:

[ 2:31 ]

This is the same Barack Obama who yesterday made it clear he would not be pushed around by anybody: [ 5:21 ]

...As if all that wasn't bad enough, CNN became the first MSM outlet to go into depth on John McCain's extramarital affairs: [ 4:42 ]

And they also looked into his dealings on the Keating Five: [ 3:28 ] ...

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